Boston International Music Co., Inc. provides educational workshops, seminars, and hands-on training to those who have a serious desire to prepare, compete, and rank in the Music & Entertainment Industry.

All workshops, seminars, and training sessions are intensive, reality based, and tell participants "HOW IT REALLY WORKS IN THE INDUSTRY."  Training is available on both a one-on-one private instruction basis, as well as in small group sessions for maximum efficacy.




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As an Artist, Mr. Michael Jonzun is known to his fans as the leader of his "posse," Jonzun Crew (20+ Million Records Sold in its many formats), and is referred to as Michael "SPACE MAN" Jonzun, and as Michael "SPACE COWBOY" Jonzun. Jonzun Crew has headlined to audiences as large as 80,000.

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Jonzun's Music Industry Exploratory Program -- A Summer Music Industry Exploratory Program for Teens ages 14-19.

• Basics of the Music Business

• Preparing Yourself - A Game Plan That Works

• Getting A Record Contract & Understanding What You're Really Asking For

• Income Streams & Sources of Revenue -
  Monetizing Your Talents, Understanding What It's Worth,  & Getting Paid

• Motivating Others Important To Your Success

• Selecting the Right Industry Professionals & Understanding

What Their Job Is  (i.e. Agents, Managers, Promoters, Producers,

Writers, Arrangers, Session Musicians, etc.)

• Stage Parents - Managing Your Talented Child

• Jonzun Music Industry Exploratory Program (SUMMER PROGRAM FOR TEENS)

• Music Publishing & Songwriting 1

• Music Publishing & Songwriting 2

• Songwriting - Selling & Protecting Your Songs, Films, and Soundtracks

• Running A Successful Record Label

• Running & Operating Your Recording Studio/How To Build A Successful Studio Business

• Recording Your Music - A Guide To Home & Professional Studio Music Production

• Who's Who - Decision Makers, Networking, and Industry Contacts

• Career Options in the Music & Entertainment Biz